The “Experts” Are Getting Crypto All Wrong

The cryptocurrency market boomed in 2017-2018; the overall market cap of cryptocurrencies got to $700 Billion USD in 2015. With the tremendous market possible offered by cryptocurrencies, digital currency trade is growing and a number of crypto-exchanges were launched within the span of an year and still much more are under advancement. Crypto-exchanges are systems where investors can trade cryptocurrencies for various other cryptocurrencies or fiat cash.

Panaesha Capital Exchange (PCEX) is a cryptocurrency trading system readied to be launched in Quarter 3 of 2018. PCEX is safe and secure, quickly, provides high liquidity and uses a broker network for added protection. The platform is a one-stop trading solution; offering both cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchange and cryptocurrency to fiat currency trades.

Advantages of PCEX


Multi-functional Exchange System

Numerous crypto-exchanges, even popular platforms, assistance just crypto-to-crypto trades, compeling investors to perform their activities on several exchanges. Crypto-traders initially buy cryptocurrencies for fiat money on a certain system and after that disperse the money over numerous trading systems to guarantee liquidity and also profit. In order to convert the digital money to fiat, the investors have the choice of simply a handful of systems. PCEX is a detailed remedy offering high liquidity; the crypto-traders can carry out all their professions on a solitary platform as well as will also be guaranteed of considerable returns.

High Liquidity

To promote the liquidity of electronic possessions on PCEX, the platform embodies all the essential qualities for a fast-moving exchange;
A simple interface to streamline the deal procedure. PCEX is constructed comparable to the National Stock market style for experience.
Reduced purchase charges (PCEX demands really couple of charges for trading on the platform).
A sophisticated buy-sell treatment via an exceptional matching engine. Profession orders will be matched quick on the system.

High-Caliber Order Matching

Individuals on PCEX are offered the limit 코인선물 trading procedure so that they can buy or sell possessions at a price they established; the matching engine will certainly try to enhance the sale by matching the users’ trade with a better rate in a restricted time. The restriction time will certainly be established by the traders after which the trade order will be removed from the system. PCEX has the capacity to match orders quick with a remarkable order-matching engine.

Budget friendly Charges

To perform trade on PCEX, crypto-traders will incur just two charges: transaction fees as well as withdrawal costs. The transaction charge on PCEX is a lot less than the charges on various other systems offering comparable solutions. A substantial portion of the purchase costs most likely to brokers and also sub-brokers of PCEX; the system will get a smaller sized part of the cut.

Broker as well as Sub-Broker Networks

Brokers as well as sub-brokers for crypto-trade is a special feature of the PCEX trading platform. Traders on crypto-exchange platforms typically encounter inadequate consumer assistance and also slow response time. PCEX remedies this disadvantage by employing a fleet of brokers as well as sub-brokers to aid traders personally on each profession. A solitary point of get in touch with will certainly be designated to traders on PCEX whom they can contact any time for assistance. No dark duration of unresponsiveness will ever be connected with PCEX.

With the broker network as well as outstanding solutions, PCEX intends to build long-lasting relationships with individuals. The broker channel also adds a layer of safety and security to the platform.

High Security

By the way, PCEX has a number of layers of security. The system has a Clark-Wilson Model of safety style to make sure information integrity. The security system will certainly confirm the approval of details on PCEX to ensure that data violations can be stopped all together. Protect procedures on the platform call for the auditors to work together; devices as well as identities remain in place to secure the web site. PCEX gives crypto-traders a level of security that is bulletproof and keeps the traders’ identity and also digital properties secure from hackers as well as unexpected loss.

All users, brokers and also sub-brokers on PCEX have to complete a KYC/AML procedure; PCEX is preparing ahead for any guidelines that might develop in future. Investors can additionally be ensured of lawful conduct on the system.